Variable Speed Belts High Performance

Variable Speed Belt

STEIGENTECH introduces new High Performance Variable Speed Belts or sometime called Multi-Speed belts.

The benefits of those STEIGENTECH variable speed belts is that they have been specifically designed to absorb highly dynamic load and provide more power than standard variable-speed v-belts. Used on closed and opened type gears, they can be operated both on industrial installations and agricultural machineries. But it can be extended to any variable speed sheave drives where exact speed and change of speed shall be controlled. Therefore it can be also used in recreational machines or machine tools. Our Variable Speed Belt will feature long life, demonstrate smooth running and perfect power efficient output through out wide range of speeds spectrum.

Those multi speed belts are moulded cogged with precision notches, they are specified for application requiring changes in driven speed during operation. It means that revolutions during operation can increase or decrease, along with load conditions, our High Performance VS belts would allow and handle it smoothly.

A High Performance Structure:

  • Our top belt cover industrial fabric provides needed adhesion and also reinforces constant speed variation ratio.
  • The insulation Filler ensures perfect adhesion, improves flexibility to reach best dynamic conditions.
  • This tensile cord has received special treatment to offer very low elongation.
  • Rubber molded cogged base is designed for specific requirements of variable speed drive with oriented fiber chloroprene structure to support transversal compression.

Variable Speed Belts construction