MGM – Brakemotor – Electromotor – Series BA , BM, SM

MGM brake motors are designed and assembled as real brake motors. The perfect engineering and assembling combined with a strong and safe brake, make these motors very reliable.


Features SM BA BM
Inverter Duty Yes Yes Yes
EPact Efficiency Standard Yes No Yes
Starting Torque/Rated Torque Ratio Standard High High
Brake No Yes Yes
Brake Coil Voltage              – 3-ph AC of DC DC
Rectifier              – No Yes
Brake Reaction Time              – Fast Standard
Start / stop frequency Standard Very High Standard
Brake Torque              – Premium Standard
Adjustable Brake Torque              – Yes No
Brake Release              – Standard Upon Request
Brake Release Type               – Screw Lever
Brake Release Position              – NDE Side